Hi, I am Matt Zamaites.

I am an award winning photographer from the United States. I've traveled a fraction of the world in hopes to see all of it unending beauty before I pass, speaking of which that's how I stumbled into this beautiful career/passion of mine. Back in 2011 ish I picked up a fancy little camera in hopes to better capture my camping trips to our various gorgeous National Parks, as we all know they're a sight to behold and showing off what you experience in person can be quite difficult. It's quite hard to capture that exact awe inspiring moment in a camera or phone that's why I set out to research and study youtube countless hours a day until I became happy with my work! Before long I was asked to tag along on a wedding, now I definitely didn't get into photography for money, it was just a passionate hobby, and especially not to photograph weddings! Everything I heard about wedding photography was it was stressful and a nightmare! But I went out on a YOLO and decided to try one out anyways, I didn't really have anything to lose except for an afternoon from it anyways. BUT, WOW, I absolutely loved it, I quickly realized my true passion was capturing people and back into the depths of youtube I went! I spent even more hours studying and researching everything I could so I could be the best event photographer ever! This eventually led into my couples coming back a year or so later, going on about how much of a thrill it was to have me at that big day and would love for me to capture their growing family! I admit it's hard to hold back the tears from pure joy at time knowing these people want you to capture their life's moments and preserve them forever.